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The N is in the shape of a Warped wall. Getting up a warped wall takes perseverance, determination and effort to rise to the top. At Ninja Core Training we want our athletes to be persistent, determined and give forth their best effort in their desire to rise to a higher level of training. Notice that the N begins by going up followed by down and ultimately up again. That N represents life. We will all have ups and downs, successes and failures, but ultimately our goal is to fail forward and always have an upward focused mindset in being all that God calls us to be. It is crucial to  always give the glory back to pointing toward the One who helps us through all the ups and downs of life! 


The C is depicted as an open ended heart with the T at the center. The open heart is something we want to always have to never be closed hearted to learning new things.  The heart is often considered the core of who we are and the unfinished heart is one where we are always learning, always growing, always open to what God has for our lives. 


At the base of the heart, is the T which is in the shape of a Cross. The cross is where it all begins and also where it ultimately ends. Proverbs 2:2 encourages us to “train the heart” to listen when God speaks and open our core spirit to learn the things of God and pass it on to those we love! 


This logo was designed with great purpose. We must be determined, persistent and work hard to rise above the negativity in this world, realize our mistakes and failures, yet  keep moving forward. We must keep our hearts open to the things of God, and not close our hearts off to what’s truly important in life. When there is a greater purpose for life at the core of who we are, we pursue life with a whole new meaning and perspective that leads to a joy and freedom that we truly hope is made evident!


The Meaning of the LOGO

Proverbs 2:2-6 

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