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TEAM USAOCR 2024 Applications 



We are recruiting applicants for our second annual TEAM USAOCR being hosted in Costa Rica on August 22-25th

We are looking for all professional ninjas & pro OCR athletes for our Elite Team and age group athletes. Minimum age to compete is 10 years old. 


In 2023 the very first TEAM USA went to Belgium! This year it's COSTA RICA! We want to have a huge American presence this year! We brought back two golds by Nicole Miracle Pro 3K and Jaleesa Himka  in 100M  youth female division setting a national and world record! 


Elite Athletes are selected are selected for 3K, 15K and 100M. Age Groups for 3K and 15K  just need to apply/register for the opportunity to see where you place with others in your age group in the world! Meet people from Philippines, Sweden, Australia, Malaysia and so many more


Dates: August 22-25th, 2024


Location: San Jose Stadium, Costa Rica 


3K Short Course ( less than 2 miles with lots of amazing unique obstacles) 

15K Standard Course ( 9 miles and challenging but fun obstacles) 

100M Obstacle Sprint course ( all 100M athletes must apply under elite category)


Age Groups

( There no qualifications to apply/register for 3k or 15K  just a willingness to compete to see if you can rise to the top of every country represented- Experience is preferred) 

Youth 10/11, 12/13, 14/15

Juniors 16/17, 18/19

Seniors 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39

Masters 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59

Veterans 60-64, 65-69, etc 

Para ( those who are blind, missing a leg or arm, etc) 


For the Elite Competition Make sure you look at the points criteria document BEFORE applying. Pick your two best competitions that give you the most points in order to give your best chance at being selected! 

How do the 100M Athletes Get Selected?

All100M athletes must all apply under the Elite Applications. You must be at least 10 years old as of Dec 31, 2024. A total of 30 athletes will be selected from USA. 3 male and 3 female from Youth ages 10-15,  3 male and 3 female from ages 16-19, 3 male and 3 female  who will run elite division agains the best in the nation these could be anyone from ages over 10 but who will represent the best in the country based on highest scores on the points chart, and there will also be selected 3 male and female in the Masters division must be ages 40 + All of these 30 athletes will be selected by the 100M selection committee based on the application. There is currently no open or age group division for the 100M due to limited time. If spaces become available, then more can be added this is the Importance of applying. Selections will be made after application deadline and athletes will be notified by Memorial Day 2024! 

Why apply or compete with TEAM USAOCR?

See where you rank among the best athletes in the world in a beautiful destination! Make a mini vacation out of it! 

Meet people, experience a new country, and  make memories! 


APPLICATION DEADLINE is April 30th, 2024

For more questions, feel free to email Suzanne Himka at

Steps to Apply for Team USAOCR 2024

1. Decide Elite or Age Group

2. Select  correct application for 3K, 15 K . For 100M (everyone uses the same 100M Elite application)

3. If applying elite 3K, 15K or 100M , look at points chart to determine the two races that give you the most points

4. If applying elite , Choose your  TWO best races on your application, write other races in comments to make you set apart! 

5. Selections will be made by end of May 30th.  Up to Top 5 Male and Female in Elite in 3K and 15K will be selected and announced

6. Age group is automatically accepted if you desire to go. See how you compare against other nations

7. 100M athletes will be selected notified by May 30, 2024 30 total athletes 15 male 15 female will be selected from specific

age categories to represent the USA. Elite, Youth( 10-15), Junior (16-19), Masters ( 40+) and para division

7. You must have a valid  US Passport, pass clear background check, and be willing to take anti-doping webinar. 

8. If you have questions, contact us and we will connect you to the right answer! 

15K Elite Points CHART
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